Seas of Dragonfall Part II Patch Notes

Chromatic Games  

New Map – Coral Reef Town

Coral Reef Town – Available to play within The High Seas.

New Enemy

  • Sharken – A deep-sea denizen that becomes enraged at regular intervals, increasing move speed, attack speed, damage and damage reduction for a limited duration.

New Pets

  • Blue Shark Cat – Obtainable by achieving level 55 in the Defender Pass.
    • Ability: Feeding Frenzy – Increases hero speed by 50% for 7 seconds. During this time attacks deal an additional 115% water hero damage.
  • Seahorse – Obtainable as a rare drop on Coral Reef Town.
    • Ability: Poison Whirlpool – Fires a ball of poison that creates a swirling whirlpool on impact. This whirlpool draws in enemies, dealing 600% poison hero damage every second for 10 seconds.
  • Dapper Seahorse – Available for purchase from the Black Market Dealer for 1 billion Gold.
    • Ability: Poison Whirlpool – Fires a ball of poison that creates a swirling whirlpool on impact. This whirlpool draws in enemies, dealing 600% poison hero damage every second for 10 seconds.

Seas of Dragonfall Defender Pass


  • Aquarion Huntress – Obtained by achieving level 1 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Abysal Initiate – Obtained by achieving level 45 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Crabmancer – Obtained by achieving level 60 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Aquarion Guard Hunter – Obtained by achieving level 75 in the Premium Defender Pass.


  • Bitey the Piranha (Head Flair) – Obtained by achieving level 77 in the Free Defender Pass.
  • Water Splashes (Feet Flair) – Obtained by achieving level 78 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Fish School Belt (Waist Flair) – Obtained by achieving level 79 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Fish Bowl backpack (Back Flair) – Obtained by achieving level 80 in the Premium Defender Pass.


  • The Giggling Guppy – Obtained by achieving level 3 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Coral Commander – Obtained by achieving level 11 in the Premium Defender Pass.
  • Kraken’s Bane – Obtained by achieving level 69 in the Premium Defender Pass.

Other New Defender Pass Rewards

  • Generic Hero Shard.
  • Generic Tower Shard.
  • Elemental Pet Reroll Token.

Initiate Hero Revamp


  • Breath of the Dragon (Replacing Chi Stomp) – Summon an ethereal dragon that unleashes a brief cone of flames in front of you. This deals magical fire damage and burns enemies, causing damage over time.
  • Chi Aura (Replacing Heal) – Channel your chi into an aura around you, healing yourself and nearby allies while crippling and slowing enemies!
  • Crippling Chi Wave
    • Unlocked movement while casting Crippling Chi Wave.
    • Decreased charge time from 1s to 0.25s.
    • Projectile now auto-fires on full charge.
    • Increased projectile speed by 50%.
    • Increased max pierce targets from 5 to 10.
    • Reduce the mana cost of Crippling Chi Wave from 50 to 40.


  • Blessing of the Dragon (Chaos X) – +x% critical chance and +x% critical damage for 5 seconds after using Breath of the Dragon.
  • Chi Boost (Chaos IX) – Increases hero damage by x% while Chi Aura is active.
  • Chi Burn (Chaos VIII) – Enemies inside Chi Aura burn for x% of your ability power as magic damage every second.
  • Goat Transmog (Chaos VII) – x% chance for Crippling Chi Wave to transmog enemies into goats for 3 seconds on-hit. Transmogrified enemies take x% more damage.
  • Crippling Strikes (Chaos VI) – Attacks have a 25% chance to fire a piercing Chi Wave that deals x% hero damage as magical damage and cripples enemies, increasing damage taken by x%.
  • Enduring Flame (Chaos IV) – Increases Breath of the Dragon burn damage by x% and increases burn duration by x seconds.
  • Enhanced Flames (Chaos III) – Increases the damage of Breath of the Dragon by x%.
  • Protective Chi (Chaos II) – While Chi Aura is active, gain a shield that decreases incoming damage by x%.
  • Initiate may no longer use Pole Power and Smashing Fist shards.


  • Thundering Stomp Chip reworked into Thundering Roar Chip – +x second stun on Breath of the Dragon.
  • Stomp Height Chip reworked into Burning Talisman Chip – Enemies within the range of the talisman burn for x% of your ability power and are crippled.


  • New Bundles Tab – A new tab added to the Emporium where you may find all currently available bundles.
  • Nights of Dragonfall Defender Pass Bundle – A bundle containing all costumes from the Season One Defender Pass, available for 2,080 gems.

Black Market Vendor

  • Removed Gold Adept costume.
  • Added Gold Barbarian costume.


  • Increased damage of Oceanic Rift by 15%.
  • Increased damage of Water Orbs by 25%.
  • Increased damage of Ice Shards by 25%.
  • Increased Ice Shards projectile speed by 50%.
  • Reduced Water Sprite DU cost from 40 to 30.
  • Increased damage scalar of Water Sprite from 25% to 50%
  • Ballista projectile now pierces terrain.
  • Ballista damage scaling changed from -5% per enemy struck to +5% damage per enemy struck.
  • Reduced Skeletal Ramster DU cost from 50 to 40.
  • Increased upgrade scalar of Skeletal Ramster from 15% to 25%.
  • Skeletal Ramster can now hit airborne enemies, although it still will not target them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ability charges would display incorrectly.
  • Removed material skins from the Aquarion.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be prompted to purchase the incorrect vault when selecting one (Material Vault/Shard Vault) while using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where Gargoyle Statue would not contribute towards weekly and/or daily missions.
  • Fixed an issue where node-based defenses displayed an incorrect mana cost in the town and private tavern.
  • Fixed an issue regarding ranged enemies ignoring Reflect Beams.
  • Addressed an issue regarding Altar Assassins teleporting to spawn locations.
  • Fixed ‘Werewolf Mercenary’ costume name.
  • ‘Diversity’ challenge no longer fails when retrying from a wave.

QoL Adjustments

  • Added a timer that kills stuck enemies.
  • You may now play any Onslaught floor to increment your own floor number by 1. For example; if your current Onslaught floor is 50 and you complete floor 200 with a friend, your Onslaught floor will increase to 51. Floors past 900 work like the previous iteration so you need to beat your latest floor to progress.


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