September 18 Hotfix

Chromatic Games  

We heard some of you were having difficulties playing with friends and with matchmaking. We wanted to get this small hotfix out to alleviate some of the reported issues we have seen. We’re still working on getting a larger patch out, but we wanted to help y’all connect in-game in the meantime.

Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed various matchmaking issues.

Known Issues

  • There’s an issue where Shadows are causing massive FPS loss on even the best hardware out there that we are investigating. Recommended you change the shadows setting to low for the time being while in your Tavern. Changing the setting while in gameplay may cause an unwanted crash.
  • Weapon stat difference comparing for projectile speed and charge rate are off by 100 times.
    • Projectile speed is 100x lower.
    • Charge rate is 100x higher.

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