Dungeon Defenders Redux: A Re-imagining

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We have some exciting news for DD1 fans! Ice has worked with the team behind DD1 Redux and found a way for CG to provide official branch support here on steam for the overhauled version of DD1. What’s DD1 Redux? Check out the summary, the story and the massive change log below. Shoutout to all of the fans who worked on this project, we are proud to support their work and provide a new opportunity for veterans of DD1 and newcomers alike!

What is Redux?

Redux is a re-imagining of what is possible using the base form of Dungeon Defenders with no limits. The CDT updates were limited in balance changes, map changes, and types of additions. However without these limitations Redux could be designed differently. This time design is heavily influenced by player feedback from all aspects, resulting in an experience that may feel better for the player overall.

New features are far more extravagant than anything could ever have been done before, still maintaining the soul of how people enjoy the game most. Redux is filled with new content in the form of new maps, game modes, difficulties, quality of life changes, and other systemic overhauls.

Back Story from IHDC

This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Ever since the official updates for the game (content-wise) have ceased I decided to pick up this project again. Picked it up again I did and every week Redux continually got more and more ambitious as more & more changes were added. I did all of this out of love for the community because I was afraid to see the game die. Lastly, I want to give my full thanks to CG, the Redux community, and especially Ice for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Right-click Dungeon Defenders – Properties
Click the BETAS tab
Click the drop-down and select DD1 Redux Official
If you do not see DD1 Redux Official listing please restart Steam

Save Handling:


When you first connect to Ranked on Redux you will get a 1 time only automatic copy from Ranked to Redux Ranked.

  • There is no method of Ranked to trigger this copy a second time.
  • There is no method to transfer anything save related from Redux Ranked to the original Ranked save.

Your save will automatically copy from DunDefHeroes.dun to DunDefHeroes.dun.rdx and be your new save location. Attempting to copy from redux back to normal will likely cause data loss, missing items, broken stats and isn’t recommended.

Future Updates

Currently there is no specific date on a future update for Redux but there are plans to have them in the future as the Redux team needs and wants to add additions.

  • Q: Will redux ever replace the current live version of DD1.
  • A: No. Due to the drastic changes and the original state of what DD1 is today the game is considered complete and in a stable state.
  • Q: How can I have both versions side by side?
  • A: After downloading Redux you can navigate to the installation location on Steam (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDungeon Defenders) and copy this entire folder to a new location. Then switch back the beta branch to NONE – Opt out of all beta programs. Create a shortcut to the bigger exe file DunDefGame.exe in both folders and name them accordingly to which version you wish to launch.


IHDC – Creator
Mischief – Content creator & Master Mind
Gigazelle – Art & Game direction
Moose (Your friendly antler horse) – Q/A & Game direction
Kamil “Escev” – Q/A, Balance , Maths , & Game direction
Lolzcoolcat – Q/A , Balance , & Game direction
The Wild Emu – Art
Redux Testers – Q/A , & Balance

Now, onto the massive changelog and details of the work that went into this DD1 overhaul.


Tower Upgrading Changes:

Health/Damage Multiplier

Before        After
1: 1.1        1: 1.2
2: 1.2        2: 1.4
3: 1.3        3: 1.6
4: 1.4        4: 1.8
5: 1.5        5: 2.0
*LT, DST and Buff Beams not included

  • Magic Missile: Increase Projectile Speed
  • Magic Blockade: Increased Health Scaling
  • Fireball Tower: Increase Projectile Speed
  • New Tower! SnowBall Tower: Throws an AOE Snowball that damages and slows enemies.
  • Spike Blockade: Increased Health Scaling, Aggro Generation, and Damage Scaling
  • Bouncer Blockade: Increased Health Scaling and Damage Scaling
  • Harpoon Turret: Increase Projectile Speed
  • Bowling Ball: Increase Projectile Speed
  • Slice N Dice: Increased Health Scaling, Damage Scaling and added Suction Mechanic
  • New Tower! Mortar Tower: Shoots a bomb that deals AOE damage.
  • Proximity Mine: Increased Damage Scaling
  • Inferno Trap: Increased Damage Scaling
  • Ethereal Spike Trap: Increase Damage Scaling and Rate Scaling
  • New Tower! Oil Trap: Damages enemies and applies a debuff for a limited amount of time-based on the tower health stat that makes them take increased fire damage.
Series Ev
  • Proton Beam: Increased Damage Scaling
  • Physical Beam: Increased Health Scaling
  • Shock Beam: Increased Damage Scaling
  • New Tower! SAM Unit: Fires a heat-seeking fire damage missile that explodes on impact.
  • New Tower! Damage Totem: Increases damage of nearby heroes (Scales off hero damage, radius scales off lightning stance)
  • New Tower! Speed Totem: Added New Tower That Increases Speed of all heroes on the map. Multiplier scales with Tornado Stance.
  • New Tower! Spider Queen: New Minion unit that can fire a range web attack and melee mobs also takes 10% reduced damage.


  • Overcharge: Increases damage and hero speed in addition to castrate, costs more mana
  • Mana Bomb: Cooldown lowered to match Purity bomb cooldown
  • Hero Damage Scaling: Matched Jester Hero damage scaling
  • Fire Bomb: A fireball projectile that slowly travels to the aimed direction and explodes (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Bloodrage/Call to Arms: Reduced mana cost
  • Joust: Added higher weapon damage scaling. Added fire trail (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Blade Vortex Ability: Drops a set of Spinning blades that lasts for 10 seconds (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Invisibility: Now also grants movement speed increase
  • Dark Shot: New Ability that makes enemies (and bosses) take up to 40% more damage (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Fire Aura: an AOE effect around the monk that deals fire damage to any mob inside it (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Remote defense boost: no longer requires the creator hero
Series Ev
  • Holographic Decoy: Increased damage, aggro radius now can be dropped while flying
  • Electric Bomb: A grenade-like projectile that bounces around before exploding (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Lightning Stance: Now adds additional lightning damage to each attack based on your lightning stance stat up to 50% of the attack’s damage for melee and 35% for hawk stance. It also shoots a ranged lightning bolt in the direction you aim.
  • Siphon Stance: Reduced resistance debuff
  • Turtle Stance: Reduced mana cost
  • Battle Leap: Added improved weapon damage scaling
  • Battle Pound: Added improved weapon damage scaling
  • Confetti Cannon: New short-ranged burst shotgun ability (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Wheel Of Fortuna: Change Damage all to only affect enemies once
  • Summon kobold: New Ability that spawns a kobold suicide bomber dealing damage on explosion (Scales off Hero damage)
  • Pet Boost: For the ability duration it increases self pet damage by 25% – 450% and caps at around 6.6k hero damage. It also increases the pet attack rate by 25% – 250% and caps at around 7.1k hero damage
  • Added 4 new skins for the original 4 heroes on the Ascension Crystalline Dimension completion. They have the same bonuses and drawbacks as the Super Legendary skins
  • New Crystalline Ninja Monk skin: ???
  • Pirate Barbarian from Halloween Spooktacular 3. They have the same bonuses and drawbacks as the Tavern Keeper Barbarian

New Maps & Rewards

  • Halloween Spooktacular 3:New boss fight. Rewards: Pumpkin hat accessory. Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat. Eye of Devastation from Wave 30.
  • Winter Wonderland 2:New boss fight, a new nutcracker mob that ignores gas traps. Rewards: Candy Cane, Winter’s Flame, Foam Sword. Nutcracker hat accessory. Ice Cube from Wave 30.
  • Spooky Invasion Challenge:Pirate Invasion, but spooky. Rewards: Pumpkin hat accessory. Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat.
  • Returnia Assault Pack:Assault missions on Mistymire, Moraggo, Aquanos, and Sky City. Completing all four in a row on Ascension yields bonus rewards.
  • Return To Crystalline Dimension:Assault mission on the first four sections of Crystalline Dimension New rewards: 4 void shards and the Crystalline Dimension Set of weapons
  • Town In The Cliffs:New Boss Fight. Rewards: Upgrader Djinnlet from Wave 35. Magic Sword(monk) and Spartan’s Sword from the campaign. Spartan’s Sword has a special effect called Spartan’s Rage which gives it a 5% chance per swing to deal 25% increased damage for the next 5 seconds. Magic Sword shoots a homing sword at the enemy you aim at.
  • Crystal Cave:A crystalline cave. 1 core. 4 Crystalline heroes to fight as bosses. Rewards: Eternian Sword, Spear, Staff, Energy Cannon and Divine Shards Crystalline Griffon on wave 25 Crystal Pet Rock wave 35
  • No Towers Allowed: Crystal Cave:DPS only for the waves with a Kraken boss
  • Great Turkey Defense Challenge:Defend the Turkeys! Rewards: Pet Turkey. Turkey accessories + new turkey bracers.
  • Wandering Heart:New Crystal Escort Map Rewards: Spear, Sword, Bow, and Staff of Hearts. The Spear and Sword’s melee attacks have a 50% chance to charm enemies to fight for you for 10 seconds. Charmed enemies take 2x damage but deal 25x damage. The Staff’s right-click heals all nearby players for 100% of the damage that attack would deal.
  • Halloween Assault Pack:Assault missions
  • Halloween Ramparts:Rewards: Buffed Halloween Spooktacular weapons.
  • Halloween Endless Spires:Rewards: Halloween accessories
  • Halloween Shipwreck Ruins:Rewards: Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat. Completing all three in a row on Ascension yields a bonus reward.

Updated Maps & Rewards

  • Palantir: New boss fight on Ascension, new rewards: Ice Pick, Ice Rifle, and Staff of Ice
  • Emerald City:New green accessory set based on the Crystalline Dimension set. Set bonus of orbiting emerald shards.
  • Tavern Defense:New accessory set with the Party Hat and Party Horn (new). Party Hat rolls buffed on Nightmare.
  • Alchemical Laboratory:New Pet Mini Demon Lord found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only)
  • The Throne Room:New Pet Mini Goblin Mech found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only)
  • The Summit:New Pet Mini Ancient Dragon found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only)
  • Aquanos:New rewards: Shield of Atlantis and Sea Snail found on Wave 30 ( Nightmare ) Wave 35 ( Ascension )
  • Sky City:New rewards: Pressurized Cog Shield and AirPlane found on Wave 30 ( Nightmare ) Wave 35 ( Ascension )
  • Great Turkey Hunt:New Pet Turkey. Buffed existing turkey accessories and added new turkey bracers.
  • Greater Turkey Hunt:New Pet Turkey found on map completion
  • Lab Assault:EVs now show on the map. Ascension Only: EVs will now teleport back up if they fall off the map. Pets and abilities can now be used. Can now drop every accessory in the game.
  • Temple of Polybius:New rewards: These pets buff towers the same as a guardian would, but up to 6 targets instead. They are called Speedy Polybius (rate buff), Destruction Polybius (damage buff), Expansive Polybius (range buff), and Defensive Polybius (resistance buff). Ascension Guarantees 2 Divine Shards on non Hardcore and 4 for Hardcore
  • Sky o’ Love and Temple o’ Love:New rewards: Spear, Sword, Bow, and Staff of Hearts. The Spear and Sword’s melee attacks have a 50% chance to charm enemies to fight for you for 10 seconds. Charmed enemies take 2x damage but deal 25x damage. The Staff’s right-click heals all nearby players for 100% of the damage that attack would deal.
  • Temple Of Water:New rewards: Trident found on map completion
  • Crystalline Resurgence 1-4:New rewards: 1 Void Shard on nightmare 2 on Ascension
  • Crystalline Demsnsion:New Rewards: 4 Void Shards on Ascension 8 Void Shards on Ascension Hardcore


  • Original Campaign was balanced towards current nightmare endgame
  • Shards Maps have been balanced to match the difficulty of Lost Quests maps on Ascension
  • All mobs and bosses have had massive heath damage and speed buffs on Ascension
New Enemy – Cyclops
  • Shoots a ball of poison at a target that spawns an AOE poison damage cloud that deals damage over time
  • All pre-Lost Quests map rewards have received huge buffs to make them more viable in end game content
  • All Lost Quests map rewards had their go-negative stat reduced by 50%. This should result in massively increased ult rates
  • All original campaign have infested loot quality
  • All other maps have a new higher loot quality *moonbase is set to Kings game quality
  • All survival pets now roll higher on ascension
Tavern Keeper Shop
  • Shop items will roll comparable to nightmare random rewards at their highest quality.
  • Divine Shards can be purchased in the shop

New Qualities

  • Divine:Divine armor gives you a 2.5% passive healing bonus and a 0.25% passive tower healing bonus every 5 seconds / 2.5% health bonus to traps and auras. This bonus is set to 15% instead of a full set of Divine armor. They spawn with higher stats, upgrades, and a set bonus of 1.5x instead of the 1.4x of Ultimate-Ult++.
  • Divine Shards:New coal-like currency drops from the end of map rewards and tavern shop
  • Void:Void armor gives you a 2.5% hero damage bonus and a 2.5% tower range bonus. This bonus is set to 15% instead of a full set of Void armor. They spawn with higher stats, upgrades, and a set bonus of 1.5x instead of the 1.4x of Ultimate-Ult++. Only armor and the items from the Void Forge can be Void quality.
  • Void Shards:A new coal-like currency that is rewarded on Crystalline Resurgence maps, Crystal Cave (50/50 for Divine or Void Shards), and Crystalline Dimension.


  • Massively Reduced mob count
  • Increased Enemy Difficulty
  • Decreased Enemy movement speed
  • Lower mob spawn rate
  • Increased Loot multiplier 10% points higher then hardcore


  • Void Forge:The Void Forge takes Void Shards to craft them into a Void Spear, Void Bow, Void Sword, or Void Staff. The “Feeling Lucky?” button allows you to get one of these 4 at random with higher quality. What could “???” be!?
  • Divine Forge:The Divine Forge takes one Divine Shard and crafts it into 10 armor pieces of high quality. On average at least one of these will be Ultimate or higher quality.
  • Tavern Changer:You can now change your tavern themes to any of the previous 13 Taverns! Check it out in the Options menu in-game to see them for yourself.
  • Diamond Forge Update:Added the ability to exchange Coal for mana 1 coal for 10 Billion Mana Small Coal for 2 Billion Mana
  • True Boss Rush Menu:Added new UI. Allows you to choose checkpoints and trade XP orbs for mana. 1 XP orb for 100 Billion Mana

Integrated Emulator

  • – F2 = Player 1
  • – F3 = Player 2
  • – F4 = Player 3
  • – F5 = Player 4
  • – F6 = Quick add Alts
  • – F7 = Remove all Alts
  • – F8 = Toggle Active Split Screens This hides the screens of your split-screen characters without removing them.

Pure Strategy

  • Players are now capable of all normal actions in Pure Strategy, including attacking and being attacked by enemies
  • Enemies no longer ignore/pass through players in Pure Strategy
  • Hardcore and Iron Man may now be selected while playing Pure Strategy
  • Enemy amounts and strength in Pure Strategy should now mirror Survival mode on all maps
  • All chests in Pure strategy now give 2020 man on the first wave, regardless of starting wave number
  • Upon starting the first Combat Phase in Pure Strategy, Defense Units and Minion Units will be reduced to 0 and remain there for the entire map
  • Pure Strategy Rewards now match Mix Mode loot + bonus

New Mobs

  • Cyclops:A new Mini-Boss mob on all Ascension maps that Shoots a ball of poison at a target that spawns an AOE poison damage cloud that deals damage over time
  • Nut Cracker:New Mob only found on Winter Wonderland 2 this mob ignores gas traps and explodes on death
  • Loot Goblin:Found on Mix Mode only. Drops a high number of items. Can drop Ascension version blade of the North, Snowball Launcher, North Pole, and Spear of Light


  • Re-Roll System:Added a new feature that allows an Ultimate++/Divine/Void Armor reroll for the price of a Void Shard, beware, every reroll has 40% to curse the item instead.
  • Inventory Sorting:Added a new feature to the item box that sorts the items based on their quality
  • Armor visual update:Updated Visuals of every armor model in the game
  • Graphic settings:Added 1440p option to the resolution list, added the ability to change graphics quality in-game, added the ability to remove the outline effect, extended the FOV range and added the ability to uncap fps.
  • Item Effect Screen:Added a window that displays additional, previously hidden, item properties ( like movement speed, etc.)
  • Boss Timer Skip:Added a new keybind ( n ) to skip incoming boss timers
  • Item Recovery:Added item recovery to most maps that did not have it
  • Auto Censor:Changes last digit of an Ultimate++/Divine/Void item stats to “x” when viewing an item.
  • Ascended Defender:New Achievement Complete all maps + challenges Deeper Well – Glitterhelm Caverns unlocks 1000 inventory slots
  • Damage Number Size Slider:You can change it from anywhere between 100% to 300%, the default in the live game is 200%.

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