DD:A Console & 1.2 Update, DD2 Events, and Franchise Steam Sale

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Lots of things happening this week across the entire Dungeon Defenders franchise so let’s just jump into the details.

DD:A Console Update

This year has been a wild ride, as humans and as a studio we have been presented with unforeseen challenges across the board. A ton of progress has been made on our console ports, and we’re nearing the finish line. Our initial focus for consoles was to get the game running on the Nintendo Switch, pouring months of engineering effort into optimizing the Switch and console experience. After incredible improvements, we are not satisfied with the overall experience on the Switch and have decided to change our focus in order to get a console version of DD:A into your hands as quickly as possible.

DD:A on the Xbox

Recently we changed our focus in terms of console work over to the Xbox One. Immediately we saw increased performanced and a better overall experience, which was really exciting. All of the hard work that we poured into the Switch version carries over into the Xbox version, and also later the Playstation version, so none of our work was wasted. 


We are working with Microsoft to target a Q1 2021 launch for the Xbox. As we progress through the certification process we will update the community on a more exact month or date. We need to get through “cert” first, then we can work with Microsoft to set an exact launch date.

What about the other platforms?

Once we are through the certification process for Xbox, we begin that same process with Playstation & Switch. So Xbox will be released first, followed by Playstation & Switch.

What about the new consoles?

We will be releasing DD:A on both Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles as hardware test kits become available. We’re waiting for the opportunity to jump quickly on getting into certification and releasing DD:A on this new hardware.

1.2 Update Check In

We are working on Update 1.2 polish, bug fixes, and entering our final phase of testing. We will have a launch date for this update for the community soon. While we have had quite a few people working on this update over the last few months, our primary focus as a studio has been on the consoles. We do not want to rush this update out, so are taking the necessary time to polish the systems and test it before release.  Rift Mode, Transmog, new accessories, and more are coming your way, as well as Trading, Reforge and the remaining in-game Kickstarter rewards in a follow-up patch!

Franchise Steam Sale

All of our Dungeon Defenders Games on Steam are on sale

Dungeon Defenders 1

75% off across the board, base game, DLCs, Collection, and 4-Packs
If you have not had a chance to experience this classic, now is a great time to pick it up.

Dungeon Defenders 2

50% off of Steam packs
50% off in-game Gem costs of Heroes, Costumes, Shards & more!
With XP & Gold Event going on for the next 5 days, it is a great time to get back into DD2 and pick up some wares on the cheap!

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

30% off the base game
With 1.2 Update around the corner, which adds rift mode and new progression, now is the time to pick up DD:A and get to the end game before all the rifty goodness hits.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Events!

From now through the end of the year we have some in-game events lined up. We wanted to provide our loyal DD2 players with some holiday treats. Beyond the 50% off in game sale that will run through the second week of January here is a schedule of events coming this year.

  • Nov 25th-30th: 4x Base XP & Gold
  • December 5th: Double Defender Medal Saturday
  • Dec 11th-13th: 4x Base XP 
  • Dec 18th-21st: 4x Base Gold 
  • Dec 24th-27th: Holiday Extravaganza: 4x Base XP & Gold, 2x Defender Medals

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