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We’ve been hard at work trying to get our first patch out to you all that has some additional goodies. We’re looking to make good on our word, providing our early supporters with some rewards and options to look stylish as well as play with newer Defenders much easier. Let’s just get right into it!

New Content and Features For Early Supporters

Shadow Costumes
Shadow Costumes have been added for anyone who purchased Dungeon Defenders: Awakened before the 1.0 launch. We will be handing them out automatically in the next few days.

Legacy Transfer Tool
We’ve added a Legacy to Play transfer tool. This tool has a one time use that replaces your Play data (heroes, gear, and progression) with a modified version of your Legacy data (heroes, gear, and progression). This is what happens when you use this tool:

  • Delete any characters and gear obtained through Play.
  • Transfer your Legacy characters and gear to Play.
  • Reset all Legacy gear upgrades.
  • Refund the gold spent on upgrades to a bank cap of 300 Billion.
  • Apply 1.0 balanced max upgrade levels on your gear.
  • Disable further play on Legacy.

We initially announced this tool would be available to players for a week, but have since decided to provide it up until our next big update that brings Massacre Survival and some other unannounced goodies. We’ll be getting a roadmap out for our updates and general plans as part of our continued transparency efforts, but this should extend the period for this tool by several weeks, giving Legacy players plenty of time to get their saves over. This is only available to those with Legacy profiles.


  • Chicken Soccer Mini-game added to VIP Tavern.
  • Players now Auto-Reject Hacker Join requests, and must be manually disabled via the options menu.
  • Spawn Protection System added so you cannot be killed immediately upon respawning.
  • Bosses in Massacre drop unique weapons. Let the hunt begin!
  • Tavern visuals updated slightly.
  • Keybinding improvements which include the ability to bind Shift and Alt to any action.
  • Hover descriptions on the various selections located on the main menu.


  • Demon Lord fireball projectile speed reduced on lower difficulties.
  • Glitterhelm Ogres spawn timers adjusted so they don’t take a minute to spawn after the last enemy spawns.\

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed most cases when you sell all as a client with a large number of items in the inventory you would be kicked.
  • Fixed an issue causing the hero deck to open up when using the letter H in the chat box.
  • Fixed an issue where start from wave 15 is locked instead of wave 14.
  • Fixed some collision issues on Endless Spires.
  • Fixed an issue where Lava Mines Pure Strategy is missing its mana drops during waves.
  • Fixed an issue where pets don’t face forward on 3 maps.
  • Fixed a missing string table under the block category.
  • Fixed an issue where the Redeem Code would always be successful as it was telling you that it was successful in running the redeem code code.
  • Fixed an issue where Trophies can not be seen by clients.
  • Fixed an issue where Darkness traps are failing to remove the visuals of elemental buff an enemy has, the trap itself is working as intended though.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demon Lord gets stuck while flying.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were getting stuck in the air in the Alchemical Labs challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where you can’t scroll to the last option in the Gameplay Tab in the Options UI.
  • Fixed an issue where VFX are turning off and on randomly in lower graphical settings.
  • Fixed an issue where Mixed Mode maps don’t display how to unlock.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign pets can drop with no quality on Massacre.
  • Fixed an issue where Enemies are spawning in the larger part of Lava Mines on lower difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting the Blacksmith makes him fall under the ground for clients.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements were being granted when they shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chicken didn’t want to attack Training Dummies.
  • Fixed some locations where Localization would break the value fields.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies are spawning outside Arcane Library and getting stuck there.
  • Fixed an issue where Glitterhelm Wave 6 Campaign Massacre doesn’t have a build timer.
  • Fixed an issue where a last wave award notification would be stuck on screen during the next build phase.
  • Fixed an issue where certain enemies were spawning on Tornado Highlands Pure Strategy that shouldn’t be on Nightmare difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies are leaving their lanes on Royal Gardens.
  • Fixed an issue where the Squire Level-Up sound would be played twice.
  • Fixed an issue where Ping icons would be scaling up to high.
  • Fixed some very inaccurate translations, big translation patch coming up later.
  • Fixed an issue where map progression wasn’t unlocking if you beat the map with a friend even though it showed you completed the map.
  • Fixed an issue where attack speed comparison was incorrect for weapons under 1.0 attack speed.
  • Fixed the Siren missing on Royal Gardens and Glitterhelm billboards.
  • Fixed the Siren appearing on billboards she shouldn’t be on.
  • Fixed an issue where Skeletons can exist until the end of the universe.
  • Fixed a spot in Glitterhelm where players could get stuck behind a crystal.
  • Fixed it where Players could get out of Glitterhelm map’s intended playable area and specific places only the huntress could reach.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would still have the red effect for low health despite being healed back to full until they take damage again.
  • Fixed an issue where Towers can be built in the ceiling in Glitterhelm.
  • Fixed performance issues appearing while viewing the hero in the UI on lower quality settings.
  • Fixed a spot where the Huntress could get outside of the Ramparts map.
  • Fixed an issue where in multiplayer after losing a map there’s an award with no text and 0 that sticks on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Goblin Copters don’t spawn in their correct ordered spawn sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where a Massacre weapon was dropping from the Demon Lord on Insane difficulty that wasn’t intended.
  • Fixed a specific crash for clients trying to use a disabled ability in Challenge mode that were disabled outside of cooldown.
  • Fixed a specific crash for the host while a client was in the hero customization screen.
  • Fixed a specific crash for when clients timeout from the host.
  • Fixed a specific crash for the client if they equip gear shortly before the host returns to the tavern.
  • Fixed multiple rare but random crashes.

Known Issues

  • If you go into Legacy first before using the Transfer Tool, you may need to restart DD:A before the Transfer Tool will work properly.

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